CLEAR: Confidential Life Insurance Evaluation and Recommendation 

Existing Coverage

Keep, Remediate, Replace or Exit?

How many times have you come across a new client whose older cash value policies have been performing exactly as initially projected?  The answer is probably "none." The same holds true for your own established book of clients.

CLEAR helps you determine what kind of corrective action should be taken in the event that current policy performance or features no longer suit the client's plans.

    • Should the client keep the existing coverage?
    • Should you recommend a policy course correction?
    • Should the client replace the policy with another that's better suited to current needs?
    • Should the client exit life insurance ownership entirely?

By using the CLEAR Comparison to Market Alternatives (CMA), you can compare the existing coverage against several market alternatives. In addition to policy premium requirements, projected and guaranteed values, other information is contrasted including underwriting rate class and carrier financial strength.

To drill deeper into new or inforce illustrations, CLEAR partners with Veralytic.  The Veralytic Report delivers a patented "five star" rating system that benchmarks for suitability against a comprehensive, industry-wide database of life insurance products and companies.  Veralytic's unique and through methodology becomes the ultimate vehicle to ensure your client benefits from the life insurance industries "Best Available Rates and Terms".

Combining the Veralytic Report with the CMA, you have powerful resources that stand behind your professional recommendations.

In terms of potential exit strategies, a life settlement might be ideal for your client. As a starting point, take a quick "pop quiz" to see if your client's policy might have value in the secondary market:

Additional Resources 

Life Insight from Prudential - LifeInsight is Prudential's patented, interactive policy management tool that simplifies
monitoring policy goals, assumptions, and performance. 

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