Virtually every carrier Windsor offers provides some type of underwriting credit or exception program. These programs reward clients by providing “good health” credits—such as an exceptionally good cholesterol result, excellent family history, or an ongoing exercise routine—against any health impairments, resulting in a better underwriting rate class.

With use of these programs, some carriers may allow a potential rate class improvement of 1 to 3 tables, with some cases being credited all the way to standard. While other programs may allow a rate class improvement from standard to standard plus or preferred, or preferred to super preferred.

In addition, most programs apply to both permanent and term coverage, and usually allow any face amount of coverage.

These programs are not detailed due to their specific nuances and complexities. However, where available, they are applied automatically by carriers during the underwriting process. In addition, Windsor underwriting will advocate to use these programs if potential medical underwriting issues arise.

Carriers include Allianz, Corebridge/AIG, American National, Equitable, Global Atlantic, John Hancock, Legal & General-Banner, Lincoln, Mass Mutual, Minnesota Life, Mutual of Omaha, National Life Group, Nationwide, New York Life, North American, Penn Mutual, Principal, Protective, Prudential, Symetra, Transamerica