We know that going to multiple carriers for information on your client’s life insurance portfolio can be time-consuming and burdensome.  To streamline this process, we’ve partnered with NIC (Network Insured Connect). This multi-carrier platform provides access and insights to your client’s in-force data all in one place.  NIC will evolve over time with additional features, carriers and products as well as expanding available policy data points. 

Once registered you will have access to:

  • In-force policy data from multiple carriers. As NIC evolves we will continue to add carriers, products and additional features.
  • Access to firm & advisor books of business
  • Single view of your client’s life insurance portfolio
  • Team access allows one or multiple staff members to service your book of business
  • Customizable notifications
  • Secure document sharing 


*Not compatible with Internet Explorer (IE)

How do I access NIC?

You will receive an invitation from Windsor and NIC containing a registration link to get you started.

What can I expect?

You’ll have two views, a firm view, if you have additional producers in your firm and a producer view for your individual book of business. If you’re a key staff member, you’ll need to have the writing agent (Producer) grant you access via the “on behalf of” feature. If the “on behalf of” has not been completed, staff members will not be able to access the tool.

How do I grant key members access?

The writing agent will need to use NICs “on behalf of” feature.

I am a key staff member and support multiple writing agents within my office. Can I get access to all of their books of business?

Yes! You’ll simply need to have each writing agent perform the “on-behalf of” function to grant you access. Don’t worry, this is only required once!

What carriers are available on NIC?

Currently, you’ll be able to view your policies written through various carriers including: Allianz, Equitable, John Hancock, Lincoln, Pacific Life, Principal, Prudential, with more coming soon.

*Please note that the carriers, products and policy data points available will evolve and expand over time. We will continue to add carriers beyond those listed above.

Is there a NIC rollout video

Watch and listen to our most recent roll out call. Watch now