CLEAR: Confidential Life Insurance Evaluation and Recommendation 

Underwriting and Mortality Analysis

Package each unique story in a compelling manner

For your high net worth and business owner clients, life insurance is an asset they can't just buy off the shelf or with a call to a broker.  And the best possible underwriting outcome can dramatically increase the value of this asset.

CLEAR Underwriting and Mortality Analysis (UMA) is a critical part of the successful execution and implementation of life insurance planning.  UMA alleviates client concern regarding privacy, and allows the UMA team to objectively triage each individual with little more than a client signature required.

Because every client is different, the UMA team drills deep to package each unique story in a positive and compelling manner.  With decades of aggregated carrier intelligence, Windsor's UMA team can identify which carriers have an appetite for specific risks while also bringing product need and design into the equation.

See The Difference Windsor's UMA Can Make!