C.L.E.A.R.: Confidential Life Insurance Evaluation and Recommendation

Inforce Servicing

Keeping the Client Well Informed

Staying connected with clients is no longer just recommended, it's absolutely mandatory for your ongoing success and the survival of your practice. Retaining clients, finding new ones, and cultivating referral sources is dependent on your firm's ongoing service capabilities and ability to keep clients well informed.

You must have the ability to monitor and measure your clients' life insurance portfolio to ensure it continues to meet both their needs and expectations. Communication and transparency will be the critical components needed to make needed adjustments so the expected death benefit is paid at that unexpected time. 

A  combination of the following is recommended so that advisors will succeed in the future:

  • Recommend carriers with robust and proactive policy administration and inforce systems
  • Use third party platforms  

      • NIC (Network Insured Connect): A CLEAR partner that provides an industry wide, multi-carrier inforce policy management platform that connects agents, distributors, carriers and policy owners enabling digital relationships between all parties.
      • The PPH Exam - An Innovative Approach to Policy Review - from Equitable
      • Veralytic: a tool to help you monitor the performance of existing coverage relative to the market.