John Hancock - July 2018 Central Intelligence

IN THIS ISSUE Tax Court Denies Summary Judgment in Morrissette Case on IRC §2703 Issue. State Supreme Court Affirms Finding That State Taxation of Foreign Trust Unconstitutional. Tax Court Denies Summary Judgment in Intergenerational Split-Dollar Case (Again). Tax Court Disregards Sham Trust and Attributes Trust Income to Trust Grantors. Tax Court Disallows $11.04M Charitable Deduction for Contribution Land and Rights to Municipality as Quid Pro Quo.  Click Here to View the Full Issue

From Windsor and Lincoln - Advanced Markets Online

Advanced Markets Online is a comprehensive reference tool that provides clear explanations of complex subjects. AMO is a practical, focused tool designed to provide quick and easy access to information you need in the business insurance, retirement, charitable giving and estate planning markets. AMO defines concepts, tells you how those concepts work, and examines tax consequences, key advantages/disadvantages, planning/funding considerations, and more. Point-of-Sale presentations are customizable with both your agency and client information. What does it look like? AMO is a searchable, user-f...

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New - The Advanced Sales Journal from Nationwide

Helping you stay current on industry trends, tax rules and regulations, and planning techniques, brought to you by the Advanced Consulting Group of Nationwide. In this issue read about: Potential problems for BOLI/COLI life insurance; IRS releases Priority Guidance Plan as of 12/31/17; Understanding the tax impact of sales to cooperatives; Charitable planning opportunities under the new tax law; Why cash indemnity benefits hedge the unknown future of the care giving industry.