Highlights of the Pacific Life 2024 Underwriting Symposium

The 2024 Pacific Life Underwriting Symposium took place recently with an excellent slate of discussion topics and life insurance industry representation.  Most platform discussions were in a panel format with Pacific Life, Distribution, Reinsurance, Retrocessionaire and Technology representatives contributing and participating. It's not often that we have the opportunity to pull together important life industry players to exchange views on critical and relevant underwriting topics that impact our businesses.  Congratulations go to Susan Ghalili and her team at Pacific Life for being ...

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Key Insights Into the Current and Future State of Underwriting - The 2023 AHOU


The future is uncertain; however, at times one gets a glimpse of possibilities that may soon have enormous impact on underwriting. In addition, there are several developments affecting underwriting and the life industry today, especially concerning the regulatory environment and the use of data and algorithmic solutions in life underwriting. All of this and more was presented and discussed at the recent Association of Home Office Underwriters (AHOU) meeting. This year's AHOU was the largest on record with nearly 1000 attendees. Participants included underwriting leadership from all major life ...

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An Expert Panel Discussion: Where we stand today and what the future holds for underwriting

Much change has occurred in underwriting and the underwriting process during the past couple of years.  A great deal of this has centered on how to make life insurance more accessible for prospects who are demanding a faster, better and less invasive application process.  While at the same time, carriers attempt to balance these changes with predictable mortality results. To understand what's happening in the underwriting industry and what the future may hold, we engaged three high profile underwriting industry experts and thought leaders to answer a few questions about their views o...

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