Fast & Furious: Five Problems and Five Solutions in Five Minutes

Ready for some fast and furious sales ideas that can help you get a head start on 2022?  Here are some of the best from Windsor and our carriers including:     The retired wealthy client who has no cash The couple on the edge of their seats about estate taxes  The PhD in Financial Engineering  The retiree with overfunded IRAs The business owner who needs to find new ways to keep the best people 1,  The retired wealthy client who has no cash - or who doesn't want to spend it right now. Your client is 78 years old and knows he needs more life insurance – but hi...

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John Hancock - May 2018 Central Intelligence

IRS Announces Intention to Issue Proposed Regulations Governing Reporting Obligations for Life Insurance Transfers and Delays the Effective Date of the Obligations. Fifth Circuit Appeals Court Vacates DOL Fiduciary Rule as Beyond the Department's Authority.  IRS Limits Application of GSTT Exemption to Gift Due to Differences Between Gift and GSTT Law.  Development Denied Charitable Conservation Easement Deduction Due to Impermissible Benefit to Land Donor.    Failed Rollover From a Disqualified IRA Is Not Subject to Tax or Penalties.  View the issue.